HALFWAY BITCHES GO STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN        Queen Sugar                                 Atlantic Theater Company / John Ortiz


JAZZ                                                                                   Malvonne                                      Baltimore Center Stage  Kwame kwei-Armah

MILLER, MISSISSIPPI                                                         Doris Stevenson/Ruby                  The Long Wharf/ Lee Sunday Evans 


BARBECUE                                                                        Black Adlean                                   The Public Theater / Kent Gash


BOOTY CANDY                                                                 Actor 3                                              Playwright's Horizon / Robert O'Hara 


UNSPEAKABLE                                                      Mama                                      The Apollo Theater / Rod GailsOB   


BOOTY CANDY                                                     Actor 3                                     The Wilma Theatre / Robert O’Hara


PEARL’S GONE BLUE                                             Maybel Jackson                        Fringe Festival Winner / Julie Kramer

INTIMATE APPAREL                                                Mayme                                     Stamford Theatre Works / Patricia Floyd

STEAL AWAY                                                                        Blu Daniels                                       Billie Holiday Theatre / Marjorie Moon


THE BOW WOW CLUB                                                       Diane Bright                                     The WorkShop / Keith Greer


AMERICAN MENU                                                              Johnny Mae                                       New Federal Theatre / A. Washington

GOD,THE CRACK HOUSE,                                                Sandra Dawson                                  Circle Rep. / MaryBeth Easley   



Under the pungent direction of Kent Gash, all the actors — including Heather Alicia Simms as the other Marie, Marc Damon Johnson as the other James T., and Benja Kay Thomas as the other Adlean — dig into the rowdy cantankerousness of their characters, drawing out all the tangy humor in Mr. O’Hara’s writing.

 *New York Times Review 

Booty Candy

Four other terrific actors — Jessica Frances Dukes, Benja Kay Thomas, Lance Coadie Williams and Jesse Pennington — each play several roles, many outrageously comic.
Another scene, as discomfiting as it is undeniably funny, depicts four women (played with tangy exuberance by Ms. Dukes and Ms. Thomas) discussing the preposterous name that one has chosen to give her new daughter: Genitalia. (Actually, the full name is Genitalia Lakeitha Shamala Abdul.) Later, in another uproarious and borderline tasteless scene, we see the grown Genitalia, now a mannish lesbian portrayed by Ms. Thomas, and her girlfriend, Intifada, played by Ms. Dukes, participating in a “noncommitment” ceremony in which they excoriate each other calmly but viciously.
*New York Times Review